Race Tech Radio #8

Episode #8 - February 27, 2007

This week on the show:
- A1GP Results
- Toro Rosso Confirms Speed
- Jacques Villeneuve Released Album
- Apple To Update All Mac Line By June?
- Apple And Cisco Resolves Trademark Battle
- TiVo Accessible Through The Net
- Wii Accessories
- Australia To Outlaw Incandescent Light Bulbs
- WV Recalls 790,000 Vehicules
- Wimbledon To Offer Equal Prize Money

There it is! That right there is episode number eight. Unfortunately Yannick was unable to make it to the recording of this episode... So this episode is lacking him, but I did find a decent stand-in for the amount of time i was allotted. Christian Hardie from my old knife review show was able to stand-in! The show is just over an hour so that's better then me doing a boring 20 minute show. I think I should conduct a study of some sort about podcasts. Myself... I like a long podcast an hour or two is a decent size. Where Yannick likes them short around 30-an hour. I wonder how many people are for short podcasts... Like the Daily Giz Wiz... that podcast is 15 minutes a day... I just feel it would be much better to do an hour once a week.. Am I the only one that likes long podcasts? Anyways... Weeds! I have been watching the Showtime show Weeds for the past week, what an awesome show. The ending of season 2 is too much of a cliff hanger... and I have no idea when season 3 will be out. Another show I am liking is Curb your enthusiasm! That is a funny show aswell... anyways I guess thats all I have for this week. Hope you enjoy the show and Yannick should be back for episode number 9!

Race Tech Radio #7

Episode #7 - February 20, 2007

This week on the show:
- Toro Rosso Only Confirms Liuzzi
- Diesel F1? Ferrari Driver Thinks So
- Schumacher Invited To Drive A NASCAR
- Mini To Have AWD
- The New Dodge Demon
- Poor Magazine Sales; Blame Consoles
- XBox360: "Red Ring Of Death"
- Google Infringed Copyrights; Belgian Court Rules

Race Tech Radio number 7 is now out. It went by rather fast so the last 15 minutes are filled with WoW talk. I've been really stuck on WoW lately, AWESOME GAME! Uhh other then that there isn't a whole lot to talk about... nothing but Daytona 500 talk on my am dial is really starting to piss me off... people acting as if they have found a new respect for nascar drivers. Nascar drivers are not using any of skill (provided they have any) on racing on an oval in a stock car. Nascar is restrictor plate racing... petal to the metal all you have to deal with is traffic and the pit stops. Racing does take a little skill and a bit of practice... some series' more then others. Nascar isn't racing... the winner is who ever crashes last! We did not cover Daytona 500 because we don't qualify nascar as racing... anyways that is that!

Race Tech Radio #6

Episode #6 - February 13, 2007

This week on the show:
- SPEED-TV Performance Awards
- Amazon Unbox Partners With TiVo
- Microsoft To Support OpenID
- Apple For An All-Flash iPod Lineup?
- FPS Games Can Improve Your Sight

There it is... enjoy :) I... am sadly addicted to WoW. That's right long time fps ownerer Anorexicpillow switched to mmo. After Alex Albrecht on Diggnation mentioned how great Burning Crusades was I decided to try out WoW for the ten day trail. Now... I am hooked :O I would have never suspected that I could get sucked in like this. Funny enough Pure Pwnage depicts WoW perfectly! You just can't get enough of it... And maybe that's what fps was missing... Owning newbs gets repetitive after a few hundred kills, where mmos there is always room for improving your character or going on quests it's non-stop fun. Speaking of Pure Pwnage, season 2 is starting in April.


Race Tech Radio #5

Episode #5 - February 6, 2007

This week on the show:
- A1GP Results
- Marco Andretti Tests Again
- The First P2P PVR
- Motorola's HD DVR
- The Zune Under Pressure
- The New Colored iPod Shuffles
- First Footage of SimCity DS
- Darwinia Upgrades to Vista
- DailyNoise Sloppy Seconds

It's out! Luckily the racing season isn't too far off because this was such a slow week for racing news... Anyways RTR#5 is available for download so feel free to take a listen to that. I know alot of you may be upset about this but... I decided to scrap The Best of WTH?!? idea. The main reason is the massive amount of audio they produced. But the other reasons are along the lines of being bored... I have already heard all the WTH?!? episodes, some even multiple times. But... I am going to be doing a weekly wrap up of Daily Noise. Sloppy Seconds shall be the name and it will be available every Friday night-Saturday morning. The reason why I decided to do this instead of the WTH best of is because this... Dailynoise has a pace, it's 2 hours of audio a day 5 days a week and I listen to dailynoise anyways. Where WTH is just sitting there and I just couldn't get into like I am into Daily Noise. Also this will be much much shorter, the first weeks round up of Dailynoise was about an hour and 20minutes where WTH!?! has 130 3hour shows. Not only is that a fuck load of audio to sift through but it's going be a huge end product. So you can get Dailynoise Sloppy Seconds every week HERE, it will also be playing when they are not on the air live. Now that I am editing audio so often I'm seriously considering switching to mac. Not that Audition isn't doing an awesome job it's just I feel a mac would execute the projects a lot smoother and I wouldn't be trapped in windows. Seeming that I started to do Dailynoise Sloppy Seconds mid week I was stuck there(Windows) for the remainder of the week. Adobe sure made my stay on Windows a graceful one :) Adobe definitely has some great programs. I am comfortable with Macromedia Fireworks because that is what I started on, I don't know what it is about The Gimp but I just can't get into it. In Fireworks I feel like I'm home and everything is so simple. The other program that made my stay on Windows so much better was Adobe Audition. Adobe Audition is just so easy to use compared to Audacity... Yet Linux is so much better then Windows so go figure. Great examples of how open source software isn't always better. But for the price of the Adobe suite I can see how people shy away from it. Audacity just needs a few tweaks so it is as fluent as Audition. For the most part I am a fan of Adobe... There has been word that Adobe may kill off Fireworks which will lead me to either stick with my older version or learn Photoshop. I haven't used all the Adobe products but out of the ones I have tried the worst one is Adobe Reader... I have switched to Foxit Reader on all platforms because its so light weight, where Adobe Reader is bloatware. The most uncomfortable part of being on Windows was because I felt rather disconnected... On Linux I have all my rss feeds set up and being away from Linux for a whole week was a terrible feeling. Although while on Windows I did check the odd site like Digg and Engadget but I was too far from the know that I am usually used to. Luckily it was a terribly slow week in all genres of news... Once getting back from my 5 days on windows I only had 487 new stories in my rss feeder.


Race Tech Radio #4

Episode #4 - January 30, 2007

This week on the show:- 24h of Daytona - 2007 IndyCar Series Rules - Mario Andretti Special - Ferrari Closes Down London - Ford: Record Loss in 2006 - Windows Vista Test Drive - Google Earth 4 Released - Google Earth to get a Second Life? - Youtube to Share Revenues With Users - Diggnation in the GoDaddy Superbowl Ad

So Race Tech Radio #4 is now available for all! It was somewhat hard to find the time to produce this one:P This weekend was the australian open finals! The womans finals weren't all that great seeming that Sharapova took a beating. Williams was... unstoppable, unbelievably on her game that match! The mens finals on the other had was alot of fun. The first set was very close, the 2nd and 3rd is when Gonzalez started to wear down. Also over the weekend was The 24 Hours of Daytona. Sadly speeds coverage was total shit and I lost interest very quickly. Instead of playing the full 24 hours they thought people would rather watch MotoCross, Thrills Night at the local track, A1GP, and infomercials. A huge disappointment that they would rather show complete shit rather then one of the few races in the off-season. Oh how I wish there was an alternative! On the other hand David Hobbs did commentary for a few stints so that was great :P Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht will be in the godaddy commercial for the superbowl. Godaddy has had a history of releasing risque commercials and finally one was tame enough to make the cut this year for the superbowl! It's the only reason why I will be watching the Superbowl this year, on the other hand it will be on youtube soon enough... I'll think about it :P Vista and Office were released and apparently there was a huge turn out at the release parties:O